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About Spencer

AR_JPG spencer2000I love that quote above. It really brings a smile to my face.

When I first heard it, I discounted the comment. I thought “… nah that’s not me.” Very quickly I realized I was being had by that drunken monkey running ramped in my mind attempting to keep me grounded in the status quo.

Every day is an opportunity to believe in my ability, my leadership drive, and ability to inspire others. I have adjusted my mindset to align with how others see me.

“I am powerful beyond belief.”

How it all started:

As a child of a dysfunctional family with bi-polar issues I was always on guard to facilitate a dangerous situation. It was my role to inspire safety in the sane of the house. I was good at bringing the levity to the rough situation, motivating others to not get caught up in the drama, and keep us all safe.

Sure… I am not the only child to grow up in dysfunction. Nope! However, I believe our choices equal our consequences and others who grew up in that house and in the same bedroom made bad choices which equated to dire consequences for some brothers.

The thing that kept me safe was my choice to be safe, to be strong, to inspire and lead those I love to believe in themselves enough to leave a bad situation. Humor, a smile when I wanted to cry, and instilling belief in others molded my mind and life.
From those dark days forward I learned that I was meant to help others to believe in themselves, to live with passion, and create a mindset that matters. This drive has never left me through all these years and decades.

My talents:

I am a leader personally and in business.

I am a teacher of the possibilities.

I am a speaker, writer, and ebook author.

I am a connector of people and teams.

I am an agent of change in personal life and in business.

I am hard wired to inspire, motivate, lead, and create a positive mindset for those ready to learn and live with passion and intentional happiness.

What you will find here:

You will find leadership, motivation, personal development, inspiration, health and wellness, and information to help you live, love, and lead better.

You will find words and thoughts from the heart, writing that sounds like conversation rather then english literature. I want my blog and words to ring true.

You will find dedication to help YOU be your best… to unleash your inner power. Belief, genuine leadership, a great mindset, and living from the inside out is good for you… for your family… and good for society.

You will unhitch your negative thoughts, create new paradigms of success, and be prepared to share with others.

I invite you to bookmark this blog and visit often. I invite you to start or enhance your mindset right here at SpencerMcDonald.net.

Thank you for reading a bit about me, who I am, what I have to offer, and engaging in personal transformation and the conversation.

Spencer McDonald